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Quit Smoking Doubts

What if I Have Doubts About Giving Up Smoking?

Having doubts about quitting smoking is normal. Sometimes, these doubts prevent you from starting your quit journey, and sometimes they occur after a smoking slip-up or relapse.

A lot of smokers feel unsure, unmotivated, or even scared about quitting – but there’s no need to worry.

Doubts about quitting smoking can be overcome

Many smokers would say that they would like to quit, but they’re not ready to start a quit attempt, or don’t want to try again. But think of it this way:

When you make multiple quit attempts, you have a higher chance of becoming smoke-free.

When you make no quit attempts, you have no chance of becoming smoke-free.

Common Doubts About Quitting Smoking

A lot of smokers have real concerns about quitting smoking. Use the links below to read about common quit smoking doubts and how to overcome them:

I’m not ready to quit – but I want to at least do something

If you’re feeling completely unmotivated to quit, maybe you’d still be willing to do something? This ‘something’ could be ‘cut down and stop’ with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).

It’s a bit like taking the slow lane – it might take slightly longer to get to your destination of quitting, but you’re still on the journey…which is better than not moving at all!

Find out more about how to ‘cut down to stop’ using oral NRT

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