Your Quit Smoking Journey Starts Here!

Getting started

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health, bank balance and family.

We’ve put together some handy tools and practical advice to help you begin your quit smoking journey – and stay quit for good.

Ways to quit

1. Join iCanQuit & create a Quit Plan

Join iCanQuit and create a Quit Plan to track your progress, see how much money you could save and receive real quit support.

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2. Post your story on the forum

Post on the forum, connect with other quitters and receive real tips, tricks and advice to help stay quit.

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3. Speak to a Quitline Counsellor

Call 13 7848 for our free and confidential telephone service providing customised support to help you quit.

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NRT can improve your chances of quitting by 50-70%

Clinical trials show that Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) increases your chance of quitting significantly – by 50-70% compared to quitting without help.

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Join the iCanQuit online community

By hearing about people’s experiences of quitting, you can learn from their journeys and be inspired by their stories. Plus, why not share your own hints and tips on how to beat cravings, or give other members an insight into how you coped during the start of your quit attempt?

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Want to talk to someone?

NSW Quitline Counsellors are qualified professionals with specialist training in helping people stop smoking. Counsellors can assist you with preparing to quit, avoiding slip-ups, and staying smoke-free.

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